Alpha Squadron was the first squadron headed by Ronin himself. Many academy graduated pilots served in the unit. Lots of high-ranked officers had the honor to serve on its roster as well. The unit has been assigned to multiple ships and there are many legends around it, perhaps too many to recall them all. Always at the forefront, innovative, resourceful, steady in its group spirit. There have been some ups and downs, but in the long run, Alpha has always prevailed.

Perhaps one of the hardest moments for the unit was during the Astatine crisis where its roster was down to just 4 pilots and word was the squadron was scheduled to be dissolved. However, thanks to Talons Pryde, a devoted pilot with the clear purpose of honoring the squadron's tradition, the unit was spared.

Alpha may not be the most elite in terms of ability, but we have always turned out some of the best leaders overall. Over the years, Alpha has declined in their standings among the other squadrons. Most of this is due to the lack of motivation and the rumours surrounding some of the members. Some still see Alpha as the "old folks squadron". What many do not understand is the rich history the squadron has actually provided. Along with the other 4 originals, the TIE Corps would not be the same without them.

The unit's spirit remains the same : innovative, resourceful, steady, always looking forward to be on the forefront in battle. Loyalty to the Empire and its ideas above all others has been its motivation. Indeed, maybe not the best around, but we manage to get the job done somehow.

However, due to extreme stress and trauma, the average Alpha pilot has adopted unusual behaviors that are still being studied by imperial scientists.

This isn't a unit for children, this is where men, women, droids, ISB agents and anything in-between are made, where comrades support each other in the heat of the battle in the wickest, yet effective ways possible.