Beta Squadron is a common name that was used regularly in the Imperial Navy and even before that. On the ISDII Hammer, the story begins in 17 ABY, when Beta Squadron was commissioned and commanded by General Kaisin Mirtez. Flying Pursuer Enforcement Ships and Missile Boats, the squadron was quite successful in its early days, fighting in several campaigns, with pilots that are still among us to this day, such as Witcher and Pickled Yoda.

The first chapter ended around 19 ABY. Two years later, LC Kyle Kroan was named commander of the new Beta squadron, where he settled the base of its new inception. After being in command for 9 months, he stepped down. A few commanders took the lead, and then Beta had a lot of stability; COL Golbez Harvey was there for a year, followed by GN Coranel Both, who was also CMDR for about a year and a half. Beta was deactivated after that, closing the second chapter of the squadron.

The current chapter opened last year, when COL (now GN) Doyon was appointed CMDR of the new Beta Squadron. Among the new pilots joining him, there was veteran and former Beta’s CMDR Kyle Kroan. Doyon wanted some stability in the Squadron, and thus changed its mission to Space Supremacy, and requested to be equipped with TIE Defenders. A lot of past and present CMDRs in the Fleet have been through Beta, who put a lot of emphasis on excellence, camaraderie and activity. This is Beta’s identity: not the most vocal squadron, but efficient.