Commodore's Desk

Vice Admiral Phoenix Berkana was born in 24 BBY to a relatively nondescript family in the city of Bela Vistal in Corellia southeastern mountain range. At the age of 18 (6 BBY) he successfully gained entry to the Imperial Academy, taking a place at the Naval Academy on Prefsbelt IV.

He joined the Emperor's Hammer in 7 ABY. 22 years later, he has taken the responsibility of guiding the ISD II-Hammer as its Commodore. He is famous around the fleet for constructing an elaborate fleet training exercise known as "Imperial Storm". Such war exercises are important in keeping both the ships and crew in top-shape condition and war-readiness.

Phoenix served in several squadrons, almost exclusively on the Hammer. In the year 25 ABY, he suffered injuries in the battle of Razorblend and was forced to transfer to the M/FRG Phoenix. However, true to his character, he didn't let that keep him down and he continued to serve the Emperor's Hammer as its Warden.

Through his continued service and dedication to the fleet he deservedly climbed to the rank of General, only for then to be given the command of the ISD-II Hammer, where he still serves to this day.