Lambda Squadron is a Deep Strike squadron based upon the Hammer - currently commanded by Captain Genie and flying a mix of TIE Advanced and Missile Boats to fufil their standing mission goals of launching surprise attacks deep into enemy-held territory and assaulting locations where either the Strike Fleet cannot go or the Strike Fleet can go but would be in extreme risk of destruction or capture.

COMMANDER: Major Genie
NICKNAME: "Protectors of the Emperor's flock"
MOTTO: "Herding up Rebel Scum"


FA Plif was sitting on his desk, surrounded by the Commodores of the three ISDs, Silvious, Woody and Dempsey.

A knock on the door. "Come in" commanded Plif. Col Zekk entered and stood in attention.
"At ease Colonel. Have a seat."
"You might be wondering why we called you here, Colonel Terrik", said Plif.
"Yes sir", replied Zekk.
"We have been thinking what to do about the trio of disaster. explained Plif.
Zekk wondered, "The trio of disaster?
"Rando, Yoda and Genie."
"Aaaahhh" Zekk sighed. "What about them sir?"
"We need to break them up, else there won't be much of a fleet by the time we reach Minos".
"I understand sir. What are you proposing?"
"We've been discussing it with the Commodores here."

  1. Yoda will be assigned to full TAC duty and bury him in all the reviewing of historical battle archives. That will keep him busy enough not to set sights on a cockpit for a while.
  2. Rando will be assigned to duty in creating a new tool for enabling new training grounds. The YOGEME initiative"

"And what about Genie sir?" questioned Zekk.
"For Genie we thought we'll punish him by giving him command of a new squadron, aboard the Hammer. The Lambda Squadron, comprised of a bunch of misfits. We'll give him a taste of his own medicine. Between trying to keep them in line and all the red tape and paperwork, we'll tire all that energy out of him, hopefully."
Zekk started to laugh. "And who will be joining this new squadron?"
Plif pulled out on the big screen in his office the Lambda roster.
His first FL will be LT MrShub. That guy just keeps carrying a sack of beetroots everywhere he goes with him and never lets it out of sight. What's up with that!?
His other FL is LCM Highlander. Strapped with a lightsaber around his waist and keeps muttering 'there can be only one". Is he force sensitive?
The rest of the squad:

  • LT Graf, I can at best describe him as a bookworm with guns. He binged through half our Imperial University while in active flying duty. And he sleeps with a pistol under his pillow.
  • LT Deiro Avist, he speaks 100 different languages except Basic. He even speaks Shyriiwook.
  • LT Xye, just got out of the brig, for assaulting his superior officer. They'll get along just fine!
  • LT Phrick, he imitates everyone's voice, even sheep. I don't think anyone ever heard his real voice.
  • LT Spywalker, he... is... plain... nuts.
  • Re-assigning from the reserves CM Cele. She used to be an assassin. We'll just remove all the knives from the Lambda barracks.

"How will they eat sir?" Zekk questioned.
"With forks!" barked Plif.
LT Baiet and LCM Travis will complete the set. On second thought, scratch that! If we keep these together they'll form a new trio of troublemaking and shenanigans. Baiet will get the 'Genie treatment' and Travis will be reassigned to the Infiltration Wing.

*** One month later ***
HA Woody submits his resignation as Commodore of the Hammer.