Lambda Roster

MAJ Genie

Life is full of ironies and Genie has had his fair share of it. He spent his entire life trying to wipe out Wookies and Ewoks and all other kinds of Rebel scum. In his attempt to cleanse the galaxy of this vermin, he ended up living in a galaxy ruled by the New Republic and running a squad whereby two of his favourtite pilots are comprised of a Wookiee and a drunk Ewok.

As a result of the above and more, Genie has learned never to say never and a reminder that the twists of life often lead you to a path you wouldn't otherwise think possible. Contrary to early Imperial Doctrine, he is of the belief that every pilot counts and ensures no-one is ever left behind... even Ewoks.

Genie leads his squadron by example and this is felt throughout his entire squad. They know he has their backs and he knows they have his!

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LT DillShize91

Dillshize is one of the latest Lambda members, joining in 29 ABY. He was a mercenary who fought alongside the Emperor's Hammer in an assault on a New Republic listening post.

He has been itching to get behind the cockpit, relishing every moment in it and terrorizing NR pilots throughout the galaxy. Initially joining as a soldier of fortune, but soon his hatred and contempt for the New Republic found home within the Lambda Squadron. He is currently wanted by several NR Systems.

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LT Slade Carroll

Slade is also known as Slade "Christmas" Carroll. To this day, nobody knows what that word means and Slade himself has never explained it. Suffice to say, he is force-sensitive and even wields his own lightsaber! Which lends itself very useful in the kitchen.

There was talk that the Dark Brotherhood planted Slade into Lambda Squadron to keep an eye on things on behalf of the Admiralty. That is all speculation. He is the squad's mechanic. His true calling is tinkering and repairing Lambda's fighters. Some could argue that Lambda owes its success partly to him, for getting that extra 10% out of the shield and power systems. He was even able to enhance the engines to allow for a speed boost mechanism.

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DemWookieeCheeks, known to everyone as just Wookiee. Slade had to modify his cockpit so he could actually fit in. During dogfights, you can hear him roar and shout something in Shyriiwook (the Wookiee Language). The rest of the squadron, although not particularly adept in Shyriiwook, some-way, somehow, understands what he says... most of the times.

Wookiee moonlights as the squad's designer. He is the one responsible for the paintjobs on their fighters. It is unclear if the rest of the squad shares the same taste, though I would be careful what I put in my plate if I were him, at least for the next few weeks.

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CM Xye

So many things to say about Xye. Where to begin? He was put behind bars for assaulting his superior officer (prior to his assignment to Lambda). Perhaps that is the quality that ensured he and Genie get along so well! His sharp humour and undying loyalty along with his multiple talents, make him the right person to be Genie's right hand.

Amongst the myriads of things he does for the squadron, he is often spending time at the gym. "A healthy body, a healthy mind" he always says. He flies both as support and air-superiority. His support skills are legendary. So legendary in fact, that other pilots are often made to think they are flying against not one, not two, but three TIE Reapers!

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LT Konig

Modest, down-to-earth pilot and a great catch for the Lambda Squadron. His prowess in a TIE Reaper will proove a valuable tactical choice in the skirmishes against the New Republic in the days to come! Hopefully, that will also translate into making him a great Lambda ... Shuttle pilot.

Having seen combat against the New Republic, thanks to him, a lot of Lambdas and Emperor's Hammer pilots, have lived to tell the tale, even as their fighters burst out in flames and crashed into the ground.

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LT Physics

The second half of Lambda's engineering crew, together with Slade, they are responsible for the upkeep and continuous enhancement of the Lambda starfighters. He is often part of sabotage missions, whereby his technical skills come to great use.

Physics effortlessly destroys the opposition, making it all look too easy. Genie is still scratching his head on how he is doing that, since he has the lowest "flying mileage" in the entire squadron. In fact, you are more likely to catch him at the Hammer hangar, tinkering away than out in space. He has successfully converted a TIE fighter into a speeder.

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LT Howler

He was born in Coruscant, on a rough neighbourhood. His mother was Imperial through and through and an aspiring politician. His father was a rebel sympathizer, who soon disappeared, abandoning Howler. News of his father supporting the Rebels ruined his mother's career and led her to alcoholism. He never forgave his father for that and some say he sees his father's face on every New Republic pilot he lays his hands (or blasters) on.

A heavy-hitting, no non-sense TIE bomber pilot. Your classic TIE fighter pilot. Ready to die for the Empire and focused on his task at hand. Does not flinch against overwhelming odds and while other pilots will often panic and fill the airwaves, he always keeps his composure as he silently dismantles the enemy Calamari Cruisers. He starts and ends every skirmish with his trademark howl.

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LCM Solohan

Twilek women, booze and flying. Those would be the three... four words that best describe Solohan. Oh and short, really short. His flying or more like, crashing, ensures both Slade and Physics are kept busy. Some say it is because he can't see over the cockpit controls. I think it seems to have become a challenge. Destroy a fighter to the degree that it can still bring you back home, yet be unable to repair it. The jury is still out there on whether Solohan's recklessness will prevail over Slade and Physics engineering skills.

It took some time for Genie to accept Solohan in. The booze helped as did his flying. He is somehow reminded of his youth when he sees Solohan fly. Due to the high maintenance and repair bills, Lambda had to resort to other means of securing additional capital. Some argue that's just a front to finance Lambda's extra-curriculum activities.

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No Pilot

Apply to the Emperor's Hammer today!

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LCM RedBaron

RedBaron, also known as "the butcher" is a merciless sharpshooter. He strikes fear in the hearts of his opponents and is one of Lambda's most prolific pilots. Lambda is a relatively new squad and when the Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps commissioned it, almost no-one knew of its existence. All that has now changed and it is partly down to the RedBaron, who you should never want to face in battle.

The Baron keeps count of all his kills and has often had to remind the Hammer's crew not to paint over his etchings. His current tally is in the thousands and his TIE Interceptor exterior has been turned into a tapestry.

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LCM Corran Shub

Shub is probably the embodiment of Lambda. He is the reason for the beetroot plantations and the crazyness that permuates Lambda. One of the more experienced pilots, currently on a mission to recover some valuable materials for the Emperor's Hammer.

His wit and humour are second to none and he likes to record his flights. They in turn are used for training new pilots across the fleet. He is a career Imperial and has served the fleet with the utmost discipline and pride that should always define an Imperial Officer! The only problem is, he is a little crazy, which is why he is assigned to Lambda afterall.

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